Company History

Originally founded in 1899 by Car Miele and Reinhard Zinkann; Miele, now a world leader in the production of premium domestic appliances was first established in GB in 1963 when Karl Heinz Wedekind was entrusted by Rudolf Miele to set up a sales marketing subsidiary.

With 80 years of vacuum manufacturing experience it has made over 42 million Miele vacuums and now consists of a unique range of both upright and cylinders to suit every need from large to small, carpet to wooden and energy efficient to quiet.

Made in Germany, all products have to withstand rigorous testing both pre production and during the manufacturing process; because of this they are tested to last for 20 years and are consistently awarded Which? Best buys, therefore if you are looking for a reliable, robust and long lasting appliance look no further than Miele.

Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Since 1927 Miele has been developing and improving their vacuum cleaners to now be one of the market leaders in cleaning performance. The unique range comprises of both uprights and cylinders both delivering exceptional all round cleaning in any situation.

The Miele cylinder range offer a variety of floor heads including a smooth running floor head for all types of flooring and turbo brushes with a rotating brush to clean deep into the pile of the carpet.

Combined with the first rate accessories, advanced filtration system and the unique Hyclean dust bags cleaning the surrounding air, the Miele vacuum collection offers you a varied choice for your own personal preference.

C3 Boost Vacuum Cleaners
Boost suction power at the touch of a button.

This range provides you with energy efficient vacuuming and a boost button for when you need extra power on stubborn areas.

C3 Powerline Vacuum Cleaners
Full on power.

Designed with maximum motor power for thorough cleaning of all floors without compromise.

Essential for allergy sufferers.

The Allergy range not only removes pollen, dust mites and other allergens reliably from all floors, its HEPA13 filter even cleans the room air.

C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaners
Specifically designed with pet owners in mind.

The Cat & Dog range has been carefully engineered to combat pet hair, dirt and odours in your home.

Genuine Miele bags and accessories