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Maintain the ideal internal climate is a breeze with quality air conditioners.

Simple air conditioning solutions have been around since the earliest days of recorded history. Ancient Egyptians would hang reeds in front of windows to cool the incoming breeze with the evaporating moisture of the plants. Air conditioners have come a long way since then, and modern day options include everything from wall mounted units to portable units that can be easily stored in a car and brought along for a holiday.

Will air conditioning remove humidity?

The short answer is yes. Air conditioning functions by cooling the air of your home by pulling water out of it and condensing it into liquid. All air conditioners function in this way, however depending on the level of humidity you expect to encounter in your location. You may require a more or less powerful machine in order to create an adequately comfortable climate inside your home.

How to choose an air conditioner?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right air-conditioner for you.

-Heating and cooling, or only heating?
Certain air conditioners can reverse their process and heat the air instead. If you know you only want a cooler home for the summer months, then the decision is easy. If you are not so sure, have a look at the many heater/cooling models available in our range.

-Noise level
Air conditioners come with a noise level rating given in decibels or dBA. This is usually higher the more power the machine has. If you know where your air conditioner is meant to go, you can better understand the kind of noise level you are willing to tolerate.

-Necessary features
Aside from heating functions, air conditioners offer a wide variety of additional features like sleep modes and remote control options that can help you decide the right one for you.

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