Coffee Machines



The experience of the coffee professionals, every time you want. Top Italian quality, groundbreaking design, the guarantee of perfect preparation every time – this is what makes De’Longhi a real worldwide authority on coffee.

Every espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato is a unique thrill, customised for you. Our super-automatic models are part of a complete range of coffee makers for every occasion. They make your favourite coffee just at the touch of a button, ensuring all the quality you would associate with the café, but in your own home

“Breakfast Is Served”

Avvolta, an avant-garde collection distinguished by modern, fluid design, characterised by aesthetic innovation and evocative materials.

With the ability to interpret and convey emotions, the lines of each piece follow the flow of an asymmetric spiral, for a high-impact result, suggesting a fluid, constantly evolving way of life.

Harmonious proportions, bright chrome details and sculptural dimensions to transform views and perspectives. A new way of shaping plastic material for a surprising result with unique personality.

Air Treatment

Is your home making you sick?

If a home has visible signs of humidity such as condensation on windows, mould on walls and in bathrooms or damp furniture, a De’Longhi dehumidifier can help by collecting excess moisture from the air producing a healthy and comfortable home environment.
High levels of rainfall make the signs and symptoms more prominent around the home, these being:


A dehumidifier used in the basement, apartment, office space or even a boat can assist in preventing these issues. They reduce humidity levels, making the space less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, mould, and mildew and they assist in reducing irritation to the skin and respiratory system.

Heating Solution

Oil filled radiators provide a most efficient and cost effective electrical heating solution for longer term use. They are ideal for medium to large rooms needing constant temperature.

Convector heaters provide fast heating for medium to large sized rooms, and are perfect for rooms where occasional heating is required.

Fan heaters deliver instant and directional heating. Ideal to heat up the room but also to provide you with that comforting warmth directly where you want it most.

The advantages of portable heating

Electric heating has several advantages that make them a preferred choice over other heating options.
When it’s not too cold – Portable heating can be used between seasons as an ideal solution during spring and autumn months when you do not need your full central heating switched on.
Heat the room, not the house -reduce costs and save energy by heating only the rooms that are occupied.
No installation – Simply plug it in and use immediately.
Portable – can be moved from room to room with ease.

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