Miele Complete C3 Cat And Dog Pro Powerline Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C3 Cat And Dog Pro Powerline Vacuum Cleaner

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Key Features:

  • Been awarded a Which? Best Buy Vacuum Cleaner
  • Power Efficiency Motor with improved efficiency
  • Versatile applications – universal floorhead
  • Reliably removes hair and lint with its turbo brush.
  • Odours are neutralised more effectively – Active AirClean filter
  • Convenient and versatile with three integrated accessories
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Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Pro Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The Complete C3 Cat and Dog Pro excels at collecting unwanted pet hairs and eliminating unwanted odours making it the ideal vacuum for homes with pets. The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Pro allows you to reduce household energy consumption thanks to its 890W motor, however paired with its EcoTeq floorhead replicates the performance of a 2000W model really helping you to tackle all hair, dirt and dust.

Other features making it the perfect solution for homes with pets include Miele’s main floor turbo brush, Active AirClean filter and HyClean dustbags ensuring high efficiency even at a lower output.

Which? Best Buy Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Pro vacuum cleaner has consistently won the number 1 Best Buy award and is “One of the best vacuums Which have ever tested.”

Cleaning performance with the AllTeq floor head

High motor power alone does not guarantee good cleaning. With Miele, a number of design characteristics interact in a most efficient manner. The vacuum cleaner’s tight seal as well as the aerodynamic design of all components ensure perfect air flow and maximum suction power at the floorhead. The AllTeQ floorhead cleans especially thoroughly, achieving the best cleaning results with a low power setting.

Turbo-brush floor tool

The Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Pro collects all unwanted pet hair, fluff and threads from virtually all textile floor coverings, without pulling any carpet threads with thanks to the Turbobrush STB 305-3.

The Air-Clean filter system

Miele vacuum cleaners’ exceptional filtration is based on a multi-stage system. It consists of the innovative Miele HyClean dustbag, motor protection filter and Miele exhaust filter. The interaction of these components ensures that more than 99.9% of fine dust* is filtered. So you can breathe with ease!

Active Air-Clean filter

The Active AirClean filter contains charcoal helping to eliminate all of those unwanted pet odours, it has been designed to include a TimeStrip prompting you to replace it after a year.

Foot controls and cable rewind

The user can conveniently change the power setting of the vacuum cleaner for any cleaning task by simply pressing the button with their foot. The comfort cable mechanism (with an 11 m radius) allows the cord to be rewound with just one touch.

Large operating radius

Cable, suction tube, suction hose and hose extension piece combine to provide you with an operating radius of up to 12 metres. This allows you to cover a circular area of more than 450 m2 without the need to frequently switch sockets.

Handy locking system

Floorhead, suction tube and handle lock into each other with a click. They fit together securely but disengage easily at the touch of a button so that you can attach other vacuuming accessories, for example.

A complete range of accessories

Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners are equipped with three high-quality, standard attachments: Upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle and dusting brush with soft natural bristles. They are integrated dust free on the Miele complete c3 cat and dog pro.

HyClean Dustbags

Mieles HyClean Dustbags with 3D efficiency are now designed to hold an additional 20% of dust and debris. An auto shut mechanism ensures the dustbag is closed when the vacuum is open, ensuring no dust escapes.

Product details – Complete C3 Cat&Dog Pro PowerLine – SGEF3

Construction type 
Cylinder vacuum cleaners with dustbag
Product brand
Complete C3
Motor type
Product type
Appliance colour
Tayberry red
User convenience 
Electronic suction power control
Footswitches +/-
Illuminated power indicator
Ergonomic carrying handle
Ergonomic handle
Silence system
Suction tube
Comfort telescopic tube
Park system for pauses during vacuuming
Park system for storage
Both sides
Comfort cable rewind
Efficiency and sustainability 
Nominal power consumption in W
Castors with steel shaft, gentle on floors
3-point manoeuvrability
Operating radius in m
Cable length in m
Filter system 
Type of dustbag
HyClean GN
Dustbag volume in l
Dustbag change indicator
Exhaust filter
Active AirClean filter
Motor protection filter
Locking system for floorhead and handle
Automatic dustbag positioning
All-round furniture protection strip
Technical data 
Max. power
Length in mm
Height in mm
Weight in kg
Standard accessories 
Three-piece accessory set
Upholstery nozzle
Crevice nozzle
Dusting brush with natural bristles
Floorhead SBD 290-3
Turbobrush STB 305-3
Active AirClean filter

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