Bosch BCH625K2GB Cordless vacuum cleaner

Bosch BCH625K2GB Cordless vacuum cleaner


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Key Features:

  • Which? Best Buy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner but in a Red colour
  • No cables and no compromises, giving outstanding cleaning results
  • Maximum flexibility – Excellent handing, reach under furniture and clean any floor
  • Bosch SensorBagless™ technology for best performance and less maintenance
  • Lithium-ion technology from Bosch to give long running time with short charges
  • Easy to use makes your life easier – Only 3KGs and easy to empty bin
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Bosch BCH625K2GB Athlet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Discover the new way to clean your home with the Bosch BCH625K2GB Athlet in Red. It is in the range of Bosch’s cordless vacuum cleaners that are as powerful as a 2400W corded vacuum cleaners. The Athlet is lightweight and agile so you can clean floors and underneath furniture with ease. Its powerful cleaning head can remove dirt and dust from any floor type, making it more convenient for you.

The BCH625K2GB Athlet is packed full of features and based upon many of Bosch’s current outstanding vacuum technologies.

Maximum flexibility
The Bosch BCH625K2GB has excellent handling and versatility due to the flexible cleaner head combined with the new High-Power All-Floor brush.

For those harder to reach areas, the Athlet can lay flat to the floor and vacuum right under the furniture.

Cordless Sensor-Bagless™ Technology
This technology from Bosch ensures thorough cleaning performance with minimal maintenance. With its built in sensors, it constantly monitors performance to provide optimum airflow at all times.

This robust and efficient dust separation system, together with the aerodynamically optimised High-Power Airflow System gives a high level of suction with low air resistance, this provide a high cleaning performance and energy efficiency.

Plus there are no hidden follow-up costs as both the dust container filter and exhaust filter are washable.

Bosch Lithium-ion Technology
Using premium Lithium-Ion battery technology, proven to work in Bosch’s power tools and e-bikes, the Athlet gives you an extra long run time using only a short charge time.

When combined with the highly efficient and aerodynamically optimised Long-Life Motor, the rechargeable batteries ensure the new Athlet can be used regularly with no drop in performance.

When it is fully charged, it gives you upto 60 minutes of vacuum time (When used on setting number 1)

High-Power Brush
The motorised All-Floor High-Power Brush works at around 5000 revolutions per minute, meaning it achieves thorough cleaning results on all floor types.

The brush roll is made up of two different types of brush. The red bristles are optimised for cleaning carpets, while the black bristles are designed for cleaning hard floors.

It can also be removed easily, so you can clean it free of hair to maintain optimum cleaning performance.

Clean any floor type with any suction power
You can clean any floor type and achieve excellent cleaning results, this includes parquet, carpet and tiles.

The Athlet has 3 performance levels which increases suction but decreases running time due to using more power.

– Level 1: for easy cleaning jobs and maximum runtime

– Level 2: for normal cleaning jobs and medium runtime

– Level Turbo: for difficult cleaning job and shorter runtime

Easy to empty bin container
The Bosch BCH625K2GB Athlet has an easy to empty bin container which is located at the front of the machine. This bagless container is clear so you can see when you need to empty it, which is easy to do!

The main filter is also located within the bin container so you can remove it easily for any maintenance.

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  • Main colour of product : Red
  • Bin container capacity : 0.9 Litre
  • Telescopic tube : No
  • Approval certificates : CE
  • Battery voltage : 25.2V
  • Battery cell type : Accu Li-Ion
  • Full battery running time : up to 60 minutes
  • Battery charge time : 3 – 6 hours


  • Height : 1160mm
  • Width : 285mm
  • Depth : 185mm
  • Weight : 3kg

Bosch BCH625K2GB Athlet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Packaged Box Contents

  • Bosch BCH625K2GB Athlet Main Body
  • Long Handle
  • Bosch Athlet High-Power Head
  • Strap – Part of the included accessory kit
  • Hose attachment – Part of the included accessory kit
  • Short handle – Part of the included accessory kit
  • Crevice nozzle – Part of the included accessory kit
  • Upholstery nozzle – Part of the included accessory kit
  • Car cleaning nozzle – Part of the included accessory kit
  • AC-DC Power Adaptor
  • Instructions

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