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Bosch have been established for over 170 years and in the UK it has become a leading global engineering and technology services company. Bosch get involved in large projects tackling the world’s major challenges as well as innovating in appliances. An incredibly popular brand in the UK, Bosch are continuously bringing us the latest technology at impressive price points for our customers. Their kitchen appliances represent uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability.

Bosch Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Feel the freedom with a Bosch cordless cleaner. Bosch cordless vacuum cleaners are powerful, lightweight and agile to deliver maximum performance and convenience on whatever floor surface you have. Bosch cordless vacuum cleaners include models with interchangeable battery packs for continuous run-time and models designed especially to cope with pet hair.

Bosch Kitchen Machines

Whatever your needs, Bosch offers the right kitchen machine to give you perfect results, whether you are baking a cake or cooking a three course meal. Bosch makes it, easy. Even the tiniest kitchens have room for Bosch space-saving food processors. Thanks to their practical storage drawer underneath, small accessories are always within easy reach and ready to use.

Bosch Steam Irons

Bosch wants to make ironing as pleasant as possible for you. That’s why every Bosch ironing appliance includes not only high-quality materials but also plenty of technical innovations to make your housework easier. They always produce outstanding results in terms of laundry care, easy operation and safety.
Discover Bosch quality that’s 100% reliable.

Highlights about Bosch


Bosch home appliances have been making everyday life a bit easier for many decades. They make sure that our housework gets finished faster and improve our quality of life. Let’s go back together to the beginning of our story.


Sustainable production

We take responsibility for the environment by manufacturing our home appliances with particular care for resources.