SEBO UK Range Products & Appliances

Introducing Sebo Vacuum Cleaners. A range of both upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners renowned for their quality, performance and reliability. All Sebo vacuum cleaners are of anti allergy design many being approved by the British Allergy Foundation and are designed to work for you and your home featuring long cables, flat to the floor cleaning and comfort handles. Sebo vacuum cleaners give outstanding cleaning performance on all floor types reflected in them regularly coming top in independent tests.

SEBO Automatic X Vacuum Cleaner Range

The Sebo Automatic range offers upright vacuum cleaners of professional quality, performance and reliability. Cleaning your home and reaching every area possible could not be easier, the Sebo Automatic vacuum cleaners boast flat to the floor cleaning reaching under furniture and an integrated wand for extended reach.

SEBO Felix Vacuum Cleaner Range

Both unique and stylish in its design the Sebo Felix range offers a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight, versatile and easy to manoeuvre. A vacuum cleaner range that has been awarded Which? Best Buy status and been recommended by the Good House Keeping institute, the Sebo Felix range is suitable for all floor types and achieves outstanding cleaning results. Steering around furniture and other obstacles in your way will never be a problem again thanks to the swivel neck design and with flat to the floor cleaning you can be confident of cleaning under them too!

SEBO Airbelt Vacuum Cleaner Range

Introducing the Sebo Airbelt range, ideal for when a smaller sized machine is needed; even though the vacuum cleaners in the Airbelt range may be compact, no compromise has been made on the results they achieve. The Sebo Airbelt vacuum cleaners are compact, durable and powerful; easy to use and manoeuvre around the home and exceptionally quiet.

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